Conservatorship is a legal process for adults who are unable to make or communicate decisions about their money, property, or business affairs, or where the adult’s property would be wasted or money is needed for the adult’s care. A conservatorship protects the adult’s rights and independence and can be limited to areas where the adult’s ability is impaired. Conservatorship is a legal process for minors who lack the protection of an adult to make decisions about the minor’s money, property or financial matters. The Massachusetts court can appoint a Conservator to manage and protect an adult or a minor’s estate.

Where do I begin?

Each adult’s diagnosed medical condition is unique. A medical evaluation of an individual’s abilities, impairments, and other factors is needed to help determine if Conservatorship is right for the adult. Be sure to consider the Alternatives to Conservatorship which do not require court approval.

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General Conservatorship Information

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