We are grateful to our Contributors who share their expertise and experience to further the mission of the MGA.

On-line communications

Shyaan Hasnain, Resources Editor

Daniel Vescuso, Marketing Lead

Informational articles

Elizabeth Baum, Esq., Director Emeritus, “What is Conservatorship of an Adult”?

Joanne Moses, Esq., “What is Roger’s Guardianship”?

Eileen Sullivan-Boss, Esq., Director Emeritus, “A Model for Guardianship Practice: The Packard Family”.  Newsletter, Spring 2011.

Crystal Thorpe, MSW, MBA, “Mediation: A Resource for Helping Families Make Decisions Together“.

Theresa M. Varnet, Esq., “How to Apply for SSI Money if You or Your Child has a Disability”. Newsletter Spring 2012

Jennifer Carter, MPP“Things to Know about Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Guardianship”.