Glossary of Guardianship Terms

A Adjudication – The legal process of resolving a dispute. Advocate – A person who assists, defends, or pleads, or prosecutes for another. Affidavit – A written statement made under oath. The signature is usually witnessed by a notary public. … Continue reading

Mental Illness and Guardianship

Mental illness refers to a range of medical conditions that may or may not significantly impact the quality of one’s life. Gary Zalkin, a mental health attorney and psychotherapist, offers information and resources on mental illness and guardianship, and when … Continue reading

What is a Rogers Guardianship?

Guest Contributor: Joanne Moses, Esq. In a guardianship hearing, the court determines whether an adult is incapacitated and requires a guardian to make ordinary medical and personal decisions on the adult’s behalf. If the incapacitated person requires medical treatments or … Continue reading

Expanded Rights and Protections for Adults with Disabilities

Guest Contributor: Joanne Erickson, Esq. On July 1, 2009, a modernized guardianship law went into effect in Massachusetts expanding the rights and protections for adults with a disability. When a petitioner files a Petition for Guardianship asking the court to … Continue reading